Mövenpick Wine Bar — Geneva, CH

Wines from all over the world – the Mövenpick Wine Bar in Geneva presents an extensive range of exquisite wines in an exclusive ambience. The concept is based on a bar and shop combination, which occasionally also serves as an event area for wine tastings and seminars. Consequently, a zoning system was implemented that allows different uses. The comfortable sitting area that invites guests to linger was separated from the rest of the bar area by a wine rack of medium height with serving facilities.


This creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The other areas are an opportunity to discover the variety of wines on offer. Despite zoning, a smooth passage between the shop and bar areas is maintained. The clear design language draws attention to the wines. Illuminated shelves set the scene effectively with the skillful presentation of each separate bottle. Due to the blend of rustic materials such as leather, natural limestone and smoked oak in combination with the clean design, the bar radiates cosmopolitan charm and timeless elegance.

wine bar, shop
Geneva, Switzerland
120 sqm
in progress
design concept