Privat-Brauerei Strate — Detmold

As of November, visitors can experience the art of brewing in the “Stratosphere” of the private brewery Strate in Detmold. The old premises of the brewery, which first opened in 1863, were converted into public spaces for guests. The interior reflects the theme and fits into the existing architecture, combining new design with the origins of brewing culture. The old locksmith’s shop becomes a tasting room, the master brewer’s chamber turns into a shop and the cathedral into a gourmet area.


The colour concept was specifically developed to match the rich variety of beer specialties. Yellow and brown shades combined with natural materials such as wood, steel and leather create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. The traditional roots of the premises are evident in every aspect; original materials in particular have been thoughtfully integrated and continued with great care and appreciation.

foyer, shop, tasting
Detmold, Germany
300 sqm
completion 2017
design and realisation