Penthouse Apartment — Berlin, DE

Stylish and elegant – this is how Kitzig Interior Design conceived a 120 sqm penthouse apartment in Berlin at the customer’s request. The shimmering grey stone floor of the apartment reflects the luxurious character of the residence. The floor received a jointless finish and was then polished to emphasize this exclusivity. Due to this process, an almost seamless transition between the rooms has been created.


Brass-coloured decorative elements together with an atmospheric lighting concept add stylish highlights to the warm, subdued ambience. In the guest bathroom, wet wallpaper instead of conventional tiles enhances the extraordinary style of the penthouse. The master bathroom is connected to the bedroom by a smoked glass element. The Kitzig Interior Design team implemented clean lines, smooth surfaces and numerous mirror effects throughout the apartment to achieve a masculine touch. In addition, soft fabrics and fine leather in a variety of grey and brown shades provide interesting contrasts. Superior quality of the individual objects is a key element of the overall design. The result is an unparalleled living experience that feels warm and pleasant despite the deep and intense color spectrum.

Berlin, Germany
120 sqm
completion 2018
design and realisation