Seven Pines Resort — Ibiza, ES

Sun-kissed and bathed in sea air, this new luxury resort is a unique kind of treat. Restaurants, clubs, apartments and other proposals turn every stay into a heavenly holiday. Everything is relaxed, bright and uncomplicated. Wooden floorboards combined with sandstone – natural materials and sculpted surfaces make for harmonious design pairings.


Massive oaken tables with design classics, dimension stone walls and wood panellings are all attuned to one another. Just a few, gentle colour highlights in sea blue blend in with the overall picture. The ceiling area is also designed in an alternation of materials – smooth surfaces against coarse slats, the effect reinforced by offsets in height. The ideal place to enjoy a relaxed summer dinner.

public areas, apartments
Ibiza, Spain
3.600 sqm Public Areas
completion 2018
design and realisation