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Living Tradition

When Kitzig Interior Design takes on a project, it transforms illusions into real dreams. Olaf Kitzig, founder and CEO, and his team of six are well—known for their visionary solutions, eVen when working on the most challenging properties, A current example is to be found in the Scottish county of Roxburghshire, where Kitzig Interior Design has modernized and extended a seventeenth century manor house and transformed it into a modern, luxurious boutique hotel, When converting the listed building into the Schloss Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course, the sensitive old structure could mostly be maintained while adopting a contemporary interior design.


The vestiges of past centuries were consciously preserved in ma modernization of Schloss Roxburghe. High ceilings, cornices, fireplaces and bay windows characterize the interior. The classic British furnishing style preserves the property’s historic charm and even extends to traditional Scottish tartan carpets.

The Schloss Roxburghe hotel’s library bar with the dignified atmosphere of a private library, is the ideal place to unwind at the end of the day. The room’s authentic flair is further underlined by warm shades,rustic materials, and an authentic tartan carpet.


Architecture and Design Review
Edition 04/2021
Publisher teNeues