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Kitzig Design Studios

Creative studio creates Germany’s most beautiful restaurant

It is now official: Germany’s most beautiful restaurant in 2019 is the “Blüchers” in Schloss Fleesensee in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A jury of renowned representatives from the gastronomy and interior design scene chose the ambience designed by Kitzig Interior Design as the clear winner. The creative studio thus prevailed among 63 applications for the title “The Most Beautiful Restaurants & Bars”. The competition was initiated by the publisher Callwey. They presented the award for the first time at the Internorga on March 18, 2019. “This award is a great confirmation of our conceptual and creative work on this special project,” says Olaf Kitzig, founder and creative head of the company.


hotel objekte
Edition 02/2019
Location Buchloe, Deutschland
Publisher https://www.bauve.de/