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Deutsche Bahn Information 4.0 — DE

The new DB Information captivates with dynamic curves and powerful arches associated with a language of movement and the subject of mobility. As advertised by the DB, the „shining star“ will be the focal point at all stations. Travellers can’t miss it due to the backlit elements that are visible from a distance. This visibility is further enhanced by the height of the object and the apparently floating top element with integrated screen.


New features are the self-service terminals for easy operation and the barrier-free access to the DB Information, reflecting the customer-friendly orientation of the new design. The DB information was constructed entirely from the solid surface material corian which appears to be made «in one piece». The eyecatching material is of an impressive resilience, an indispensable feature in public areas.

service terminals
completion 2016
design and realisation

© Fotos: James Jeremy Beckers / jerrografie