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Brasserie Restaurant

The centre of this work is the passion for design and architecture. The point is the experimental and progressive work with materials and forms, changing objects and materials that insist the daily handling, to optimize them and conduct them to ad absurdum, to develop new creations. Designer is always on the search for new inspiration and ideas to indulge his passion. The central ceiling in the space is covered with steel structure and glasses, therefore, the natural lights are allowed to lighten the space and nourish the bamboos here, which is the main decoration element here, can be found in many places, featured the restaurant with green and vitality. The designer rearranges whole space with bamboo walls, forming a transparent room separation. Contrary colours, white and wooden colour are dominant different space, upper and lower.


The lightening here is various in shape, but all with white appearance. Most of chairs and tables are made by rattans; the others about bar counter are made with wood, suitable for the flooring. With our room concepts, we create lasting symbols of fastmoving era. Unconventional solutions are the basis for unmistakable designs – familiar perspectives must be broken up and changed in order to create surprises through new interpretations. Large things are reflected in small ones – overall success depends on details. We take a global view of the market and study new developments in order to create concepts that are ahead of their time. We create space for lasting impressions and rooms with enduring qualities. People are always at the focus. Ordered structures, simplicity and clarity characterize our concepts, into which we regularly and consciously inject elements of architectural conflict.


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