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Island Resort

Nature is inspiration. This holistic concept is based on the conscious enjoyment of nature and the recognition that flora and fauna are our greatest assets, which must be preserved. Discover an island full of adventure with all your senses and restore your connection to the beauty of our surroundings.


The various interior and exterior settings merge into a series of themes involving nature, light, shapes and indigenous materials. The individual theme worlds span from from the water world to naturalistic crafting skills.

The challenge is to use existing cultivated areas and buildings, minimize the number of modifications and yet create a luxurious, stylish form of slow travel. Guests can observe the flora, fauna and the sky from «nests“ or alternatively listen to the water at sunny spots woven into the coastline and still enjoy a comfortable ambience.

All buildings have a close connection to the outdoors, they radiate an atmosphere of sheer transparency and yet maintain their privacy. As a matter of course, the natural materials in soft, unobtrusive colors come from local sources, carefully selected and processed with the knowledge of international design and craftsmanship.